Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is going on...

Well, life is going on. Soccer has started full force. This season we have 5 kids playing and on 4 different teams. I am running! (so is Juan) Right now all of the teams are practicing 3 times a week- Do you know how many trips that is? LOL Zoe' and Davis love it and are good- watching them was a WOW moment...

Joey, formally know as Dylan had a cleft pallet team doctor visit this week on Tues. These are all day events, as he sees a group of doctors on this team. His jaw is so out of alignment that he is beginning to be really hard to understand. The next major surgery is to brake his jaw and wire it shut in the correct position. He can not have this done until he is done growing-- 7,8 maybe 9 more years- We are so blessed to have Dr McGee as Joey's team doctor. That was a whole big God thing to get him on the team! another story.. Anyway, Dr McGee has started to do a new surgery to help kids like Joe. So Joey will be going in to have surgery in the next few weeks. As soon as they can have hospital time. Dr McGee is putting plates into Joey's mouth, screwing them into the jaw bones. Then they put heavy rubber bands on the plates. ,moving the jaw into the correct position. (Hopefully, this works some of the time as it is moving bones).
We are praying that this will work for Joey. Joey is one of the bravest boys I know. And he has the sweetest spirit about him. This will be his 6th surgery in the just under 7 years he has lived with us. Really a remarkable kid. God's kid

I have some issues with my legs. (ever since the plane trip around the world and the trip down to TX was just as bad) Anyway, I see the doctor for the results of the blood work ups tomorrow. I am hopeful that there is an easy answer for this. Very painful.

Thank you all for the phone calls, visits, meals, funds(to help with all of the out of pocket expenses) and help that lots of you have been. Our family and I really appreciate it all- Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray. I do feel your prayers and they are much needed. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful friends.

Blessings, Pamela Dawn


Della said...

Praying for you... your heart, your loss, your legs, and for Joey, that the doctor's hands and hearts and minds will be guided by God and it will all be as painless as possible.

Aus said...

Prayers lady - and Joey - hang tough guy - it will be worth it in the long run, just keep your eye on the prize!

hugs - aus and co.