Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Year coming to an end

The end of 2011 is coming down the stretch! The kids are looking forward to Christmas, of course. What happened? I laid down to take a nap this summer and the next thing I know, I'm thinking about what we're doing for Christmas and New Year.

The Lord has kept us safe and secure. I don't know how any of you think about things, but prior to now, Pam and I have lived such a tension filled life together, that we actually looked at the possibility of a normal life with apprehension. Over the past12 years we've had a multitude of job gains and losses, and we've lived in 7 different cities in 9 different houses/apartments.

We gained 7 children and 2 grandchildren, and we lost one child. Our children span in ages from 10 to 36. So many different personalities, needs and wants. There are adults, high school, middle school, and elementary school students. We have one graduating this spring and that is weighing on our minds. Mine especially.

The kids at home are all strong and healthy. They are all Christians. It doesn't get any better than that. Now life is school, soccer, laundry and trips to the dentist.

I'm loving it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's try this again

It has been a year since I've done this, so I'm a little rusty at it.  I actually miss the writing. Admittedly, I actually was burned out by the time we closed this down the last time. 

In the year since we last "talked", not a whole lot has transpired, with me in particular, that is note worthy. I still have the same job (2 1/2 years now). I haven't picked up any hobbies.  I tried to build the boys a loft bed - total disaster! I'm not good with my hands and no amount of wishing and trying has improved far.

I've lost 15lbs!  Whoohoo!  That's something.

Anyway...I'm looking forward to spending some quality time here and hope to even develop a few cyber "friends" along the way.

"Talk" to you later.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adoption Month

A short Story.......

When every baby is born they are given a blanket. This blanket is supposed to be warm and soft and protective. It usually has beautiful colors and satin edging. It is wrapped around the baby and the baby is at peace.

Sometimes, the blanket is old. It hasn't been washed and it is made of burlap, but it is wrapped around the baby, and even though it is a little smelly and scratchy, the baby is at peace.

The blanket for this baby has big problems. There are holes in it. It looks like it had satin edging once, but that has been torn away. It may have had soft pastel colors, but it is now a dull and dirty brownish grey. It is wrapped as best it can be around the baby, and the baby clings to it for peace. But the baby is cold and can't get comfortable. Now, both the baby and the blanket are dirty and smelly, but it is the baby's blanket, and baby holds on to what little comfort it knows, and tries to have peace.

Suddenly, the blanket is ripped away. Baby cries and reaches for the blanket, but it is gone. Baby knows it wasn't a good blanket, a warm and soft blanket, but it was baby's, and with it baby knew the only peace that baby has ever known.
Someone has wrapped a new blanket around baby. It has pretty satin edging and soft fleece. It smells fresh and inviting, but baby throws it off. That is NOT Baby's blanket. Where is baby's blanket? Baby cries and cries as the new blanket is wrapped back around baby's body. Baby notices warmth that baby has never felt before. This is a trick. Yes it is warm, but IT IS NOT MINE!!!!! Baby had better not get used to this. Baby doesn't have a warm, soft blanket. Baby only knows the scratchy, dirty and cold blanket. Baby kicks it away.

Baby is cold and lonely and misses the old blanket.

Baby toys with the edge of the new blanket. Baby feels that it is soft and inviting. Baby can tell it is warm. Maybe baby will just hold the edge of this blanket for a while. It is not baby's blanket, but it is here, and baby is sad and needs comfort.
Someone keeps trying to wrap the whole blanket around baby, but baby still throws it off. Baby will only hold the edge. Why won't baby take the blanket? Can't baby see how much better this blanket is? It is warm, it is soft. Come on, it is polar fleece!! What is baby's problem? It is such a great blanket!!
Baby continues to reject the entire blanket, but is still holding on to the edge. Eventually, baby can cover one arm and rub baby's face with more of the blanket, but baby stops short of wrapping up in it. The new blanket providers have stopped trying to force baby to wrap up in the blanket, and have accepted that baby can't or won't use the whole thing, and have settled on waiting on baby. Sometimes baby brings the blanket to them and asks them to drape it over baby's arm in just the right way so that the satin edge touches baby's face the way baby likes it. This continues for a time and baby realizes that even though baby misses the old blanket, baby has a peace that baby has not known before. Baby thinks it might be this new blanket. Baby is torn. Baby misses old blanket, but old blanket didn't protect baby like new blanket does. New blanket is warm. New blanket smells good and is so very soft.

Old blanket is gone.

One day, baby needs help with the new blanket. Baby takes it to the ones who gave it to baby and they wrap it gently around baby's shoulders. Baby holds on tight to the blanket and baby is at peace.
I know I talk about a baby in this story. I do it so you think about just how long your "baby" has had that old blanket.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here we go again!

I have missed the blog so here we go again! The Johnson's have stayed busy. Justin is now playing soccer on a travel team. He LOVES it! I guess we as his parents love it- I love that he is doing well and he loves it! We do a lot of car travel these days.... The youngest kids ( Jaden, Zoe and Davis ) are playing soccer also- This fall their birthdays fall so that all 3 are on the same team (9 and 10 year old's ). In the Spring we will go back to 2 teams for them and Ana plays for school in the Spring- Boy soccer is fun! Joey is back to his skate board and doing lots of jumps. We have a wonderful dog now. Her name is Daisy. I will attach her picture. I hope that you all come along for the ride! Blessings, Pamela