Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jesus & The Passover

Today, we went to church and there was a guest speaker. I'm terrible with names, so I'm not going to even pretend to remember. He was however a joyous blessing to listen to . He is a Messianic Jew, who is a missionary to Jews ( The subject was the passover meal that Jews celebrate (The Seder), and the meal that Jesus celebrated just before he gave his life for me/us. He told us all the significance of each element of the meal, and all of the actions involved. He had samples of just about everything that would be involved in the meal, as he was explaining it. The neatest part is how he was able to show how things pointed to the Lord Jesus.

For some reason, I always find it a blessing when I meet a practicing Jew and a double blessing when I meet a Messianic Jew. I guess it's a triple blessing when I get to sit and listen to one tell of how the they love the Lord Jesus and how they are being lead to lead other's to His salvation.

It reminds me to pray for salvation for "The Branch" that was taken out so that we could be grafted in.

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