Friday, October 22, 2010

The Big 5 - 0

Today is my 5oth birthday!

I remember being a teenager actually trying to imagine what the year 2000 would be like. I tried to imagine what I would look like or be like when I turned 40. I had never tried to imagine being 50.

Now...I am still enjoying excellent health,
I have the best wife in the world,
I have a house full of 7 beautiful kids,
I have a job I love.
And best of all....I have Jesus!

In 1960
  • John F Kennedy won election for president against Richard Nixon (by only 113,000 votes)
  • The first 3500 soldiers were sent to Viet Nam
  • Unemployment was 5.5%
  • The first working laser was built
  • The first communication satellite was launched
  • Cassius Clay (later known as Mohammad Ali) won his first pro fight.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series
  • Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl.
  • Average yearly income was $5,260
  • Average new home cost $12,700
  • US population was 180,671,158
  • The birth control pill was made available to the public
  • Ray Charles won 4 Grammy awards
  • "Ben-Hur" won the Oscar for Best Picture
  • Domino Pizza was founded

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life in the normal family...

I just watched my Mimi drive off in Mom's car for the first time...all by herself!!

Tonight we were talking about how this January is our 10th anniversary, and how we expect a huge shindig for our 25th (Lord's return, not withstanding) because we don't want to wait for our 50th (I'd be 90); we might not make it that long.

We try to come up with jobs that the kids could do outside of their normal chores, so they could make a little cash on the side. We're not in the Rockefeller's strata, so $4-5 is about all we can afford for each. We don't do allowance.

I still love my job, and it's has been over a year. That and I work an 8 hour day with all the holidays on top of it.

Our dog Daisy is growing and maturing (not always a lot of the latter, but a lot of the former).

Well, I have to go cut the boys' hair.

This normal life is definitely all that it's cracked up to be. I like it.