Friday, March 19, 2010


I know the school year is almost over, but.... we have been talking, emailing, praying for something to be done to help Joey out at school. He is bored, and to this day says everything he is doing is "review" Well, the school finally tested him for the gifted program (test was about 4 weeks ago) but, we got his results yesterday and he is gifted! So, they have moved him into a "gifted" classroom. His math test scores were among the highest of the 4th graders. Yesterday, Joey spent the day in the new classroom and he loved it- I am so happy. Having a bored kid in school can cause alot of problems! It was so bad, that I have considered homeschooling!

Well done Joey!
love, Pamela


Rick Lawrenson said...

That's great news!!

KT said...

So glad! Im sure he will enjoy school SO much more now!
Think of you guys often, we will see you tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I grew up a "gifted kid," and just wanted to warn you about the "Well done Joey" part of things. Gifted kids actually fall under special education and schools are required to give them the same considerations to challenge them and meet their learning needs as they do for children with learning disorders. (Sometimes parents have to fight to get this funding for their children). Most importantly though, gifted is who Joey is, it is not anything that he did or accomplished. The main thing he did right here is routinely communicating his needs to you, he did not do anything to be more to have natural intelligence.
The challenge in parenting a gifted child is to continue to challenge them in new ways & challenge the way they think. They need to be taught that in the real world, it doesn't matter much how smart you are, but more how hard you try. Also, when gifted children find things they excel in, they will often avoid things they struggle in (such as social or athletic skills). You will see the same thing in children with strong athletic skills who avoid school work because it is difficult for them. Teach them to celebrate the things they have worked to accomplish, and challenge them to be well rounded and improve in the areas they struggle in. Parenting a gifted child presents a whole different set of parenting challenges that can be intimidating at times. You are doing a wonderful job advocating for all of your children. Keep it up!