Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to School---

OK, I love my kids- I do..... but, that love is stretched very thin by the end of the 4Th snow day and the 6th day in the house. OK they did go out to play some.

So, back to school today- I am so glad. I know that this is not about me- The kids are glad to be going back to school. See friends not have to do the silly things mom has asked for-- you know, play box games together with NO fighting. Put together a 3-D Lego monster. READ for 45 minutes and than tell me about the book (s). One of the days the kids got to clean!

I really have had thoughts of homeschooling. Several of the kids really need to move faster than they are are regular school and need more challenges. Today, I have really nixed that idea-- I know that I will come back to it- But, I need to figure out how to homeschool without killing the kids. (that defeats the purpose) Homeschooling would be different than snow days- as I hopefully would have the things for the kids to do each

Than I am even considering this idea is light years away from my former self- For years I was an enlightened atheist. I am so glad that God did not give up on me and sent people into my path along the way until I found Him. In the years before I knew Jesus, I thought that kids that were homeschooled were really anti-socal, were behind-- I have misjudged. I am sure that their are some anti-socal kids, but there are many in school too--- Anyway, I am really giving this a lot of thought-

Well, I am glad for school today! ;)
Blessings, Pam


babydoc said...

We had some really heavy snow here in England some weeks ago now also, the heaviest I've seen in the 18 yrs I've been here and it meant many schools were closed for a few days, not fair. I on the other hand had trudge my way to work without fail:-( Hope you enjoy some quiet the next few days!

Janice and Jessica said...

I am a long time reader of your blog but I did not know that you had went from atheism to religion. I would love to read more about that, if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Mommy said...

Homeschoolers are not saints who never think about "killing the kids" - all kids are capable of being aggravating. Pray about it and consider whether there would be a way for you to homeschool only a portion of the kids for a year, to help the ones least being served by the traditional school. I forget exactly where you are - maybe there's a 2 or 3 day a week school (like a University Model School) near you where they can attend part time and you can supplement or enrich according to need.