Sunday, February 21, 2010

We got our fix of OBX today

We went to our old Church on the OBX (Nags Head Church). We were starting to have withdrawal jitters ;o) It is always so neat to see our old family/friends. The kids even look forward to it. It's great to live close enough that we can decide to go the day before and just make a day trip of it. We get to hug and kiss our old friends, play a little catch up, and see how much all the babies have grown.

The music/song worship time was fantastic as always! Rick Lawrenson, the senior pastor is on sabbatical, so the other elders are filling in in his absence. The sermon series is on the 7 signs of a healthy church (I think I have that right) and today's sermon was on a praying church. Of course praying and faith could be the only 2 signs really needed, when you think about it. Nags Head Church is a praying, giving, and loving church. This church family is huge on local outreach and huge on missions works. They are also huge on being connected in and they make great efforts in making sure people are connected to small group involvement. I especially miss Saturday morning men's group meetings. These are a great bunch of real men. Real - as in open, supportive and praying Christian men.

We took a walk out on the beach for a little while before heading home. The beach was almost deserted, the wind and waves were calm - BEAUTIFUL!!. Then back to the land of reality. What a great way to spend the Lord's day!



Rebecca Meyers said...

It was so great to get a quick hug and see the girls! I missed the rest of the kids with mine being home sick so I didn't visit the Kid's Zone. I'm glad you got your fix. You missed a beached whale at MP 2 on the beach today. It didn't survive but was a big attraction. Take care and come back SOON!

Rick Lawrenson said...

Sorry we missed you all, but we were in church in El Paso, TX! And it was great!!

Glad you can come back for an occasional fix. I heard Steve did a great job today. Did you get to go upstairs and see the Kids Zone?

Rick Lawrenson said...

Another thing, Juan.
I'm not the senior pastor. Steve's like 6 years older than me and Burnie's a couple years older. I'm the middle pastor.