Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

It looks like about 6 inches. That's a lot for southern Virginia. It was like Christmas for the kids. Unfortunately, it was too much snow to risk going out to the OBX for church today. The kids were so excited yesterday, that the boys were up and dressed at about 7:00 ready to go. I held them off until 8:00 so as not to wake up any neighbors. It was dry and powdery, so the kids couldn't put a snowman together. Of course, since we've become southerners, we don't have adequate winter wear that helps them to stay out all day; so they're only out for about an hour at a time.

We've taught the kids not to go in and out the house constantly. When Z came and rang the door, I thought she needed me to get something for her or to ask permission to go to a friend's house or something. Instead I got a earnest plea to come inside "to stay, 'cause I'm too cold."


KT said...

Sorry you didnt make it :-( This snow is something, huh!

babydoc said...

Your family is very beautiful:-)