Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zoe' Update

I took Miss Z to her doctor apt yesterday. She has latin TB and is on a 9 month regiment of meds. She only has 2 more months and we are all happy about that! She is really doing very well on it all. The meds have some side affects, but she is coping just fine.

I actually drove to Kings Daughter for the appointment and home with out getting lost! It seems like the downtown area is always under some kind of construction!

Miss Z and I had a nice morning together and taking her back to school, I met up with her ESL teacher and had a good update from her. YEA!
Blessings, Pam


Rebecca Meyers said...

Great news!

Aus said...

Morning Pam - we're worried that they'll want to do the 9 month thing with Chase - argh - but whatever I guess!

Great that ya'll had a good morning one on one - really cool!

hugs - aus and co.