Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's our first family picture together (Auto timer) These faces are what it's all about.

The kids had a blast looking for the little red envelopes (like an Easter Egg Hunt). We're ordering out Chinese food in a few minutes. "Bring it on fat man!"


Rebecca Meyers said...

You manage to get so many WONDERFUL group pictures! I'm amazed. All children looking AND smiling. Beautiful family. Inside and out. We miss you.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, Johnsons! Like your red shirts and smiles!!!

We are delighted that you are planning to visit us in the spring/summer!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture, Johnsons! And I like your red shirts too. Enjoy your New Year's celebration.

We are DELIGHTED that you are going to be visiting us this spring/summer!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great pic! Happy New Year!

Janice and Jessica said...

Wonderful picture!!!

Can't wait to see the next holiday. You are so organized and I admire that.

Aus said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR right back at you! We're back from China - and I'm still playing a little catch up - but wante to let ya'll know that it's good here - and you guys look great!

And thanks for sharing your story in the last post - wow!

hugs - aus and co.