Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life is Good!

Spring is here and summer is around the corner:
  • I spent last Saturday at 3 different kids' soccer games.
  • Our schedule calendar had only about 3 days with nothing on it for this month (No wait, that's just being a big family!)
  • Yesterday, Pam went to watch the sunrise at the beach with a couple of her close friends (Imagine a beach chair, some hot coffee, warm sun, a cool morning breeze & good friends).
  • Our dog, who normally hates the outdoors, (We sometimes call her Miss Princess) takes about 10 minutes to do her business now before she decides to come back in.
  • The boys are wearing shorts and sandals to school.
  • Kids at school are starting to get into more and more trouble (The girls are telling us about drug busts, bomb scares, fights- and these are "good" schools)
  • I'm wearing shorts and sandals everyday now.
  • We only have 3 weeks before we go to Ethiopia!!!


Rick Lawrenson said...

Enjoy the beach as much as you can! It's a long ways from Herndon!!

Nancy said...

Pam you were able to watch the most incredible sunrise with the most incredible friends ever!
Love you Friend!