Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please Continue to PRAY

It seems that there may be an issue at the new job offer, with Juan being able to travel with me that week. When the job offer was made, the HR person, seemed to think "that it would be fine to have a start date a week later so that Juan could travel to bring the kids home." Now, we have found out that the bottom line- IT is not ok- and they wanted Juan to start earlier- (poor communication on their part but...).... Please pray that it will become... "ALL is well!!!-- We know that God is in control. We also know that God wants us to come to him in prayer and ask for what we want and what we need. We really need this job. Please be in prayer for this job for us. Thank you - Blessings, Pam


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Janie said...

Have you thought of having your children escorted to the US? You won't have to spend the travel $$$ and you can all unite as a family at one time (in your local airport)since the matter of Juan securing a job is crucial to your large family's well being. Friends of ours have done it both ways, travel to adopt and escort and they say that in the end...the feeling and experience in meeting your child/children is the same. Just some hopeful and helpful advice. :)

Irma said...

Sweet girl, even if Juan can't travel with you, the children will STILL get home... I know it must be daunting to think of doing this without their dad, but no matter what happens? Your kids get to come home. God will sort out the details.