Friday, May 1, 2009


This is a part of the CWA May 1 newsletter-- Please pray with us about the needs;

From the relative comfort of our homes here in America, it is practically impossible to imagine the stressful environment that so many in Ethiopia exist in from day-to-day.
Life and death, basic food and shelter versus starvation, absence of clean water and adequate health care.
The staff of the various orphanages work at the first gateway of lifting these orphan children “out of the earth” (as Stephne calls it) and putting them on the path to hope and a new future.
The pressure on them is incredible.
The spiritual battle is often even more intense than the physical demands.
Might we ask you to cover the faithful servants who care for your future children with a blanket of prayer?
Particularly, we ask that you remember Stephne and her family as she feels such a heavy responsibility for the work of the three CCCE orphanages?
They must operate in the same environment of shortages – finding ways to meet not only their own needs, but to provide for others.
They need strength and encouragement for each and every day!

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