Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you Help?

Dear Family and Friends,
Juan and I plan on leaving for Ethiopia in about 2 and a half weeks. We will be bring home 3 children.
On our trip over, we have 2 large suitcases and 2 --35 gal Rubbermaid tubs.

At this point, we have about 1/2 of one suitcase for our 5 sets of belongings for the week-
This is OK- as we can wash over there, and really do not need much.
All this is to say, we have a LOT of donations that are going over to 2 orphanages, to bless them.

From my speaking engagement, and from a wonderful ladies Bible study, we have rec'd $100.00 toward the overweight charges.
From what the airline is telling us, the charges will be between $300.00 to $400.00 for 3 of the 4 suitcases going.
(we are going to try to keep 2 suitcases at the correct weight, but...)


If you can donate any toward the overweight charge, please just use the donate button on the side bar-
Every penny of the donations will be used for the charges, and if we receive more than what is needed for the airfare, we will go to the orphanageand find out what they need the most and buy that in Ethiopia, to bless them that way.

WE thank each one of you for your love and your support in this process.



Rick Lawrenson said...

Just before you leave let me know what you lack in overweight charges.

mykidsmomx4 said...

I can't help with your ovwerweight charges, but I got this email today that though that someone who reads your blog may be able to help.

"Melissa, a girl in Holt’s Waiting Child Program, has only one month to be adopted

On June 8, when Melissa turns 14 years old, she will no longer be eligible for international adoption. Melissa is excited to have a family of her own. At Holt, we believe this dream is worth fighting for."