Monday, September 29, 2008

Closer & Closer

Last week we sent our Dossier to DC to be authenticated by the Secretary of State and then the Ethiopian Embassy. It will be returned to our adoption agency. We have to send them a check for the balance of what we owe them (which is a LOT).

We found out that the NC State Department of Health and Human resources sent our paperwork to the wrong INS office. They were kind enough to give us a call and honestly explain what happened. That's a rarity in life - people taking responsibility for errors. So we'll have to wait longer to have our fingerprints done. Thankfully that won't hold up the other paperwork. The fingerprint approval meets up with the dossier in Ethiopia somehow.

After the adoption agency receives our dossier, they send it to Ethiopia to be translated and submitted to the court system there...then we wait. The court system has been closed for about 2 months, so our dossier will be put into the pile of cases waiting for the system to start chugging along again.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following your blog and just yesterday went to and info meeting for CWA, looking into Ethiopa adoption, you seem like you are happy with CWA do you have any suggestions? Kim

Pamela Dawn said...

Hi Kim,
We are very happy with CWA this time around. They have been doing the adoption program with Ethiopia - one of the longest- and that is always helpful. If you are looking for a baby, there is a wait with any agency. I think- that no adgency ever calls, emails etc as much as we adoptive parents would like- so if and when you hear about slw responce time, it is true, and true with most all adgencies. CWA has a GREAT record for not having to go back to court several times with your dossier- that is a great plus too.All that being said, HEY I'm happy you are looking into Ethiopia!! and that is great about adopting!! ;)Blessings to you- Pam

Jill said...


Know that I am here praying with you as we wait for the courts to give us our date for Gabriel to come on home!

Trusting in His always perfect timing!

Love and blessings,