Friday, October 3, 2008

It's been almost 10 years, but it was great

Just to show that we were not always so 2 dimensional. We did have lives before kids. In 2000, I graduated from the University of Kentucky's MBA (Lexington KY) program. We decided as a graduation present to me and a "thanks for hanging in there" present for Pam, we took a trip to Europe. I had accepted a job offer at an insurance company in Louisville that would start the very next day after we got back.

We didn't do a lot of planning; it was to be a lot of ad lib and college kids kind of adventure. Pam had enough miles on one plan from her previous travels and those of her late husband, that the flight there and back was free. We bought 2 three-week Eurail passes, (at the time it was cheaper to buy them in the US, I don't' know about now). We set out a general tentative map to what countries we wanted to visit. Set our flights to fly into Paris and fly home from Frankfurt. The only hotel we booked prior to flying out was in Paris. We had planned on looking for hotels as we prepared to stop in each country and since we didn't have any solid plans we figured that a day's notice was all we'd have. We found out that was sufficient (almost all of the time).

The secret to our success - Fromm's, "Europe on $60 a day". It'll probably be $160 by now! Our plan was to visit France, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. As we were looking up things to visit, we found out that in Oberammergau there was to be the Passion Play, which has been put on every 10 years since 1633. We tried to get tickets but failed (a funny story to tell later). If we ever go to Europe again, it'll be the eastern European Countries, but we might try to slip in Oberammergau.

The adventures to come...

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