Monday, September 1, 2008

Ok, I'll let you stay a little longer

I have this little running joke that I share with the kids. Every time they say, or do something cute and/or funny I tell them that they can stay another couple of weeks, but if they don't come up with something good...they're out on their ears!

I mean really, if it weren't for the silly, funny, and cute things kids do and say we'd be hard pressed to explain why we keep the little cherubs around.

Prime example: One cool summer evening last year, we were sitting out on the deck of the last house we lived in (For one reason or other, we have moved around rather frequently, compared to other families). We were enjoying a God glorious sunset over the sound. The kids were quiet and we were all enthralled with the evening sights and sounds.

I remarked to Pam, "You know people pay good money to come here and do what we're doing right now. And, we get to do this anytime we want. It doesn't get much better than this."

AJ, our middle one asked, "Dad, how long are we going to live here?" She's already gotten used to the idea that we don't live anywhere too long; I'm hoping and praying that we don't make a life of moving around. I grew up an Army brat and then had an Air Force career. I lived in 13 states and 3 foreign countries, so far.

I respond, "Well, Lord willing, we'll be here a long while. I love it here."

DJ, pipes up, "Who's Lord Willy?"

You gotta love it! We all share a good laugh! After I explain who "Lord Willy" is or isn't, as it were, I tell DJ he can stay another couple weeks or so.

Another example. Last night we're watching the TV Guide channel looking for something interesting to watch. At the time, they're doing something like "25 hottest male actors ever", or something like that. Well, Hugh what's his name, who plays Dr. House was listed. Pam has a actor crush on him, "Yeah! He's a hunk!"

AJ says, "Ewww, He's not that good looking, he's old!" When we ask her how old did she think he was, she responds, "Like 70 or something!"

Do you remember how when you were a teen, and you thought anybody over 30 was heading for the old folks home? We all laugh and talk about how kids don't have a clue on how to estimate ages of people.

So I tell her, "OK, you can stay a little longer."

When I say that to the kids we get a little banter going bank and forth about how they'll gladly leave and take my car or move to their friends houses or whatever. Then I say they can only take the clothes they bought with their own money earned away from the house - which doesn't leave much.

Kids, Can't live with them, can't live without them...Right?

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