Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The past 2 weeks for me have been extremely frustrating. I am not one of those people that think that the devil is behind every tree, bush etc., but I do strongly believe that Satan is alive and well in this world trying to make every Christian fall. And fall hard. He wants to totally ruin our testimony and our lives. The thing is I have read to the end of the Book and we WIN- It has still been a hard couple of weeks.

I know that my God is on the throne in my heart and in Heaven, and I know that as His child, He is rooting for me to make the right choices. I am so glad that He is on my side.

We have started a 40 days of prayer at church about a week and a half ago. And I am praying for 15 minutes (above my normal quiet time) along with the rest of the body of believers. So there is prayer going on all 24 hours each day for the 40 days. I see this commitment as a direct correlation to the frustrating 2 weeks! When we are serious for God, Satan is seriously busy around our lives. I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus and that Satan is no longer in control of my life. He does however mess around it...

Several things for our adoption have taken a lot longer than I had planned. And we found out that there is an extra step in the paperwork that was not there for the last adoption, or the first adoption for that matter!! I want my new babies here, not there going hungry. (babies, 8,9 and 12!) This extra step may be as quick as 2 weeks, but most likely more like 2 months...

Another area of frustration for me has been getting the kids and myself back into the school routine. Each child has an extra after school "thing". For a couple of the kids it is everyday, good for them, bad for mom, and the other 2 the classes meet just one time a week. It is getting better each day, but by the time we get it all down pat it will probably be Thanksgiving break!

I guess my most frustrating part of my life is my weight issue. I have been watching my weight, in my case watching it go up- This summer, I have been very careful, and have been working on staying the same weight or losing some and it has been slow going and very frustrating. This 40 days of prayer has been good for me- It is making me stop at that time of day- and focus on the Lord. It is making me more mindful of the needs at the church. It has given me a great time of worship after the prayer time that I didn't take daily before, and it is refreshing for that time!

I am praying that the frustrating things will go easier in the next days. Thank you blog family and readers for your prayer support of us and the whole adoption process. Blessings...p

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Irma said...

Oh you lovely, wonderful goodness did you make me laugh with this post.

First off, I can not even imagine the frustration and fears that come with learning you babies are still outside of your reach, that it may still be months before they meet their mother and father, before they can come home.

But for you to then admit that sometimes you feel apprehensive about your waist line? I guess now I can stop simply admiring you, and begin relating to you too, lol!

(and you never did send me the instructions for Canadian donations...)