Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post-Hurrican Hannah

Well, we made it. Of course that didn't take a lot of effort on our part. By the time it got here, it was just a windy day on the beach. We were getting waves crashing over our bulkhead 5 feet high. Not bad, however, we did lose about 5 feet of our pier at one spot and about 5 or more at another. It actually didn't start raining until Saturday morning and the wind came in around 9-10am. It stayed around all day, and was completely blown out by the end of the day.

We all need to pray for the people in the Gulf Coast as they prepare for IKE. He doesn't appear to me a nice guy and Texas is working on evacuations.
Interesting tidbit. Some years ago, I learned that hurricanes bring warm water and air over from the African region and sweep it up to the north of us. If we didn't have them, the water would freeze all the way down the coast to maybe Florida or something. Interesting.

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