Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricanes are coming

This was on a stormy day. If you look close you'll see two ducks at the end of the pier, trying to take refuge. The dark border at the top is the Mainland across the sound from us.

This was taken from our bedroom, I love waking up to that everyday.

DJ and JJ playing in the sound during the summer. We have a HUGE pool, it has to be about 2 miles to the other side. ;o)

The Please pray for all of us residents along the coast. Hannah and her boyfriend Ike are barreling toward the coastline. The people who have lived here on the OBX all of their lives are poo pooing Hannah, but are looking at Ike as a more serious threat. After Hannah goes through, I'm seriously considering boarding up for Ike. With our house only about 50 feet from the water, we foresee the possibility of water damage. But, we're sound side, so that may be some saving grace - I hope.


Irma said...

Although I have never experienced an actual hurricane, up here in Eastern Canada we get the tail end of them all the time....and believe me, the tail end is nasty enough, so I can't even imagine what it's like where you are.

If you are planning to board up next week, then go buy your plywood THIS week, otherwise there won't be any!

Make sure you keep us posted.

Della said...

Love the pictures... that's my kind of pool! Praying for everyone's safety through the hurricanes.