Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Trip to Ethiopia (Part 1)

We started out on Saturday the 16th. Linda and Gary took us to the Norfolk Airport, where we stood in a seriously long line. The whole time we're in line, I was watching the confusion going on at the counter. I felt that things were not going to go smoothly, but instead it was a piece of cake.

God slips in treats for His children ever so often, just to keep us moving. The airline's web site said that overweight charges would be $150 for anything between 51-75lbs. We had three huge tubs full of stuff donated by our church family and friends that were between 50 -75lbs. Plus we had our one check suitcase that we had at around 50lbs. The lady only charged us $150 total! So the extra money that was donated for excess baggage, we were able to donate to the orphanage.

We flew from Norfolk to DC and from DC to Ethiopia. We met quite a few families on their way to Ethiopia to adopt children, mostly babies and a few youngsters. The trip to Ethiopia was fairly forgettable (Which can be a good thing). I'd almost swear Ethiopian Airlines must hold beauty contests for their flight attendants. Amazing.

We arrived in Addis Ababa on Sunday, midday. Going through customs and immigration in Addis Ababa was long and tedious, but fairly uneventful as well. We met a Church group from Montana that was coming into Ethiopia for a couple of weeks on a short term mission trip. They were really excited to get to work. We were met at the airport by an Interpreter/Driver from CWA, who took us to The Ethiopian Guest House.

We had a suite that took up the top floor of the guest house, it was a beautiful and welcomed sight for very tired eyes. Thankfully we arrived at the guest house right at bedtime, so our bodies didn't have to struggle to get to sleep. Of course because of the 7 hour time difference between the East Coast and Addis, that was the last night of restful sleep for either of us. The only negative of the room (I'm American I have to complain about something!) was the bed - hard as a stone.

But, sleep we did because we were going to meet our little ones in morning.

2 comments: said...

Found you from Nate a Confessions of CF Hub... I love reading adoption stories and learning all I can about the process. Not sure if God is leading our family down that road or just softening our hearts to help with the adoption cause in other ways.

Can I ask what agency you adopted through for Ethiopia?

God bless your family during this exciting time!!

Smashley said...

Hi Johnson family! Congrats on the new additions, you have a beautiful family!

I found your blog through CF husband like the blogger above. My husband and I are young, don't have children yet (in the future possibly), and my heart is really opening to the idea of adoption from Africa, specifically - don't know which country though.

We're a multi-ethnic couple (he is black of mixed heritage, and I'm caucasian of mixed heritage) and my husband already identified to me his wish to adopt some day, so perhaps in a few years we'll be on our own journey!

I look forward to reading more about your family!