Friday, May 15, 2009


I am sitting here, just wondering what are the kids thinking? Are they scared? Of course, they are, I am....Do they understand what America will be like? You won't believe all the things our kids were told about America and Americans. The village that they are from is so different, SO very different.... Will they like us? Will they like the other kids? Do they want to have to learn all of the new things that they will just have to learn?
There will be so many "firsts" for them-- all kinds of things we just take for granted... like seat belts!? Some kids scream the whole time they are in them (oh joy), so you take to putting a jacket in their lap to cover the unfastened seatbelt and nodding to the flight attendant. Cars- these little ones have only ridden in a car a very few times-- (just in the past 6 months, to get them to the orphanage in Addis, to the hospital for testing, we will then take them to the Embassy... so cars are a huge thing. Then there's foods, smells, technology, hotels, the bathrooms, the airplane, the airport, bicycles, elevators and escalators (hilarious)-- and did I mention we do not speak a word of Amharic or Wolaytinia (Their local dielect) either??

OK- I am scared too. I know that God is in this, He ordained this- His word tells us to do this, and I can not wait to meet my little ones, but that does not mean that I am not scared, and human too! Juan and I are willingly doing this again, for the 3rd time... some would call it crazy- I guess that it is a bit crazy in the world's eyes sometimes to follow God.

Well, hopefully a good night's sleep tonight and then on to the airport bright and early tomorrow- and we are on our way........

Thank you from my heart for your love, prayers, and all of your help.. (and if you want to help some more, just call Brenda- she has our kids and may need a breather!!!! thank you Brenda!....;)

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