Monday, May 18, 2009

New Arrivals

After little sleep, well maybe a lot of sleep for Juan and a little for Pam, they made their way to the orphange today to meet their new children and to deliver some supplies. The staff and the children at the orphanage were overwhelmed with all of the donations that Juan and Pam brought, and I know that both Juan and Pam are so thankful to each and every one of you who donated. Oh, guess what? Juan and Pam are now the proud parents of three new children! I am sure they will do more formal introductions later, but I wanted to introduce you to Justin, Davis and Zoey Johnson...the newest members of the Johnson Family. They are in their hotel room getting to know each other, and in just the few hours that they have been together Pam has learned alot about their personalities. Justin, the oldest of the three, "looks exactly like his picture. He is very tall and slender and so very handsome." He is very quiet and reserved. Davis, the middle brother, is the comic of the group. According to his new mom "he has already done all kinds of things to make us laugh." Zoey, the youngest daughter is tiny and petite. She speaks no English, but has learned to say, "yes Mama." I am sure she has already melted Pam's heart. Another good thing is Justin, Davis and Zoey speak the same two Ethiopian languages that Leah and Annalyse, the oldest Johnson girls, speak. It will make communication much easier for the first few weeks and months until the new kids learn to speak English.

Tomorrow Juan and Pam make their final trip to the Embassy. They will make sure that everything is in order as they begin to prepare for their journey home. After the Embassy trip they will head to the Market to buy some clothes for Justin, Davis and Zoey. After months and months of planning, preparing, and praying the Johnsons are now ONE BIG, BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

Please continue to pray that they will all have a safe trip home. Please pray for Justin, Davis and Zoey as they adjust to having a place to call home, loving parents and wonderful sisters like Leah and Annalyse, and terrific brothers like Dylan and Jaden. Pray that they easily adjust to life in the USA, and pray that they all grow to love the Lord, who made all of this possible, with all of their hearts.


Sherri said...

Praise God! I am praying for you all! Sherri

Brenda said...

The "old" kids are really excited that their "new" brothers and sister are now officially a part of the family. All of us are looking forward to meeting them, and to getting you all back here together. We'll see you Friday with lots of PBJ sandwiches:)

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Della said...

Yay!! That's wonderful and so sweet to know that the kids at home are so excited! :D