Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daddy's Home!

I'm home, thank goodness. This past Monday I went to Nashville for the week for orientation for my new job with the Department of Treasury. I'll be working in Norfolk VA, which unfortunately means we have to leave the OBX and are moving to Chesapeake. :o( A man's gotta do what man's gotta do. The OBX is a great, beautiful, wonderful place to live - IF you have a job. We'll let the kids enjoy the summer here at the Beach and I'll commute the 75miles each way until then.

The Lord continues to be good to us. I came home to my beautiful family Friday and got hugs from all around. I missed my P.D. the most of course. When I'm away, I can't sleep well, and we don't have each other to bounce our thoughts off of. Talking over the phone is OK, but lying in bed with a half-read novel on my chest while she's solving a Sudoku puzzle is who we are. It just isn't the same otherwise.

We got up early Saturday and drove to Fredericksburg to "picnic" with a few other adoptive families with children from Ethiopia. There were five families and we had about 30 some kids between us. We had a great time sharing war stories and laughs. I loved just watching the children play among themselves in little subgroups. It gives you a different feeling from just watching a bunch of kids playing at school or at the park. These all share one very important thing - They were adopted Ethiopian children.

Interesting things I noted:
None of us have been married longer than 10 years.
The girls outnumbered the boys about 3 to 1.
We're all middle class. (None appeared to be from the upper echelon)
We can all laugh at ourselves very easily.
It was amazing the number of commonalities we shared among each other.
Most all of us have both biological children and adopted children.
Most all of us adopted sibling groups
Most all of us adopted older children.
We all appeared to be rather flexible and open to change in our lives.
And each was open to at least considering doing it again.
So yes, we're all certifiably crazy - Crazy for the LORD.

I know I am loved and that makes me feel good!


Rick Lawrenson said...

The Johnsons were not in church yesterday...attendance was way down!

We missed you all.

CFHusband said...

attendance was way down AND we were missing our third row, left of center worship leaders...we're going to miss you all for sure in a few months...I'll feed you lunch anytime you come back on Sundays to worship with us!