Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today the Lord blessed

This morning I went upstairs to wake our babies for church. I went in the boys' room, turn on the light and stood looking at them all sleeping, stretched out in all kinds of funny forms. I tickle the oldest one's ear. I yank the sheet off the next one's head. I kiss the next one's cheek (he needs a few more kisses because he busted his lip in a skateboarding accident the other day) I rouse the last one and tell them all "Hey, get outta my bed! This ain't no hotel!" Then watch as they stretch and smile at me. They each have their time table when it comes to getting up. As I turn toward the door, I say, "Come on, it's church time."

I go across the hall to the girls' room. I go down the age ladder. All my girls are my "Babies". I whisper "Come on Baby. Time to get up." I kiss her on the forehead. My next one is always cocooned next to her dresser which butts up against her bed. She had her arm draped over her face. I think she instinctively knows I'm coming in for a kiss and she makes it impossible. That's OK, she'll get plenty of kisses during the day. I normally put my finger in her curled up hand and tickle it softly until she responds. The last little one is my delight. I kissed her cheek, and forehead and then stood back to watch her stretch and curl like an infant. She sits up and smiles at me. I told her to wake her sister up. Now keep in mind, she speaks very little English, but she can tell by my expression and gestures what I wanted - and off she went to be the pesky little sister she's supposed to be.

We get ready for church, eat, brush, primp, prime and away we go! (We now have a full size 11 passenger van that Bernie Staples helped us get. He is a life saver for us because he co-owns Mid-Way Chevrolet in Sunbury NC. He got us a great deal and we knew we could trust him implicitly.) I am as proud as a goose as we walk with all 7 of our little goslings tootling along into church. We get the stares from strangers along with the smiles and words of encouragement from our church family. After church we have to keep getting head counts because it seems just as soon as I've counted seven, somebody decides to go the bathroom or to talk to a friend or something.

At home we have a Sunday lunch that Pam normally make a big deal of and we have light dinners. Light or heavy meals, Pam is a FANTASTIC cook, lemme tell ya! Everybody starts to pitch in as we get closer to serving time. The youngest set the table and the oldest fix drinks and helped bring the dishes as Pam serves them up in the kitchen. We spend family time together at the table with small talk and some light English lessons for the newest recruits.

The rest of the day is relaxing, watching the little ones play around the house. The second oldest goes off with a friend for a treat of Para-sailing. The rest swim in the Currituck Sound behind the house. Watching them scream and splash, chase little fish and scoop up small crabs is all worth it.

Next week is the last week of school - Summer is coming, with three more to enjoy it with.


Brenda said...

Knowing you and your beautiful family is a great blessing to me. All of your kids are amazing, but your baby girl...well let's just say that she's adorable. Your three newbies are learning so fast. How did you pick such smart kids? But then, you didn't pick them, did you? God chose them just for you.

Irma said...

What a lovely picture you have painted with your words. I am sure that the actual dealings of the day are much more complicated, but what a joy to read a daddy's quiet thoughts on how the day starts.

The Gang's Momma said...

What a delightful trip through your day. Wow, you are blessed beyond any measure. Your quiver is so full, it's quivering! :)

Bear Creek Mama said...

This post and pictures brought sweet tears to my eyes. I read Pam's recent board post this morning about how well your newbies are adjusting and what a blessing to have the older girls for translation! They were predestined for your family - all of them! Sweet Joy!!!!