Wednesday, January 14, 2009

yes, I am still on that subject, sort of!!

Just when I think that I have "a handle on" the time frame for the next few months of our lives, a real curve ball is tossed at me.

In life, we usually go with what we know, or what has worked for us in the past, understanding how long things took in the past, judging on all of that for the future. You get the idea-
Well, this is our 3rd adoption. I thought I had a handle on it.... To bring home our precious son from China, it took from start to finish almost 3 years. Juan and I were newly married, he had just finished his grad school- it was a long wait, but we were very busy with life.

Our second adoption was from Ethiopia. Our "D"
had been praying for a brother every night for months on end. We decided to adopt again Super Bowl Sunday - the end of Jan 2006. We went to Ethiopia to pick up our beautiful children July 8, 2006- YES, start to finish 6 months-- Feb to July.

So in my mind, I am thinking, "Ok, start to finish,6 months for this, our 3rd adoption". I know, I know- you adoptive parents out there reading this can pick yourselves up off the floor from your laughter!!-- Our Social Worker told us that things were taking longer this time around. So, I thought - longer i.e..- a week, 2 maybe, 3 for each step in the process--

NOT in a million years did my mind ever consider MONTHS longer for each step. Juan and I believed that we could bring the children home for Christmas. Well, when Christmas passed, we were thinking hopefully travel by the end of Feb.

We now realize that we will be lucky if we are traveling by June. Yesterday as I was being told this, I was just dying inside- I know that God is in control, and those wonderful kids that soon will be "Johnson's" are in God's hands. They will get here to the states in God's correct and right time. I am waiting on the Lord.....

But this is not my timing- I have given this over to the Lord, and I am sure I will have to do this everyday!- I want my babies home. I want to hold them, love them, comfort them, feed them, and most of all tell them all about Jesus.

This is in God's time table not mine.

Some might ask, is God punishing us, or is the devil trying to trip us up in this life? I don't think so, I think that it is God giving us the chance to show His grace, that He can hold us up while we wait.

I think it is God giving us and His people a time to pray for a miracle to bring the kids home sooner. To be able to show God's power, if it is His will for that to happen.

It is more time for Juan and I to be praying for our hearts, the hearts of our kids here at home, and for our new little ones hearts in Africa- for all of us to be ready to be a family.

It is more time for Juan and I to be praying for a miracle for the rest of the funds needed to pay for this 3rd adoption. WE still need our traveling funds +. There is a chance that because of timing of the trip, Juan will not be able to go with me.

We are asking for everyone that we know to PRAY for these miracles. For the children, both there and here, for the paperwork to go as fast as possible, for the right person to travel with me to Africa, and for the funds to come in.

WE know that we are doing what God wants us to do. So, we KNOW that all of the above things will happen in HIS time. I believe this and I am standing on this.

Please help us with anything that you can. PRAYER, prayer and more prayer, donations, funds, buying dolls, and most of all PRAYER.

Time is such a hard thing to give to God.

Blessings, Pam

For the Lord is GOOD;and his love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations.. -- Psalm 100:5

MY PRAYER: In a world of change and undependability, thank you, dear Father, for being sure, steadfast, and faithful. In a time when everyone seems to want something from me or out of me, thank you,dear Father, for repeatedly and consistently blessing me. Thank you for being more enduring than the mountains and more glorious than the most beautiful sunrise. In the name of Jesus, your Son and my glory. Amen.


Irma said...

For once in my life I am speechless.

The Gang's Momma said...


Sending cyber hugs from a cyber friend . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but will be praying for you and Juan, Pam.


Chloe said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! Is it possible you could have the children escorted? We had our two sons escorted to the US, it's much less expensive that way and just as magical as traveling for adoption, since we have experienced that too. Best wishes!

Chloe, Mom to:
One from China
One from Viet Nam
Two from Ethiopia