Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Child Waits

Throughout our process of this adoption, we've applied to an armload of foundations that offer grants and loans to families who are in the adoption process. The beautiful people at these foundations know the financial hardships involved in adoptions, especially international adoptions. I don't know first hand, but I'm sure they each receive hundreds if not thousands of applications from adopting parents. They have to sift through them to find families that are in the most desperate situations financially and that reflect a common moral and/or religious background.

As the economy drags and lags along, these foundations are finding themselves in dire straits, just like the rest of the world community. Several of the foundations that we applied to responded that they would love to help us, but because of lack of funding, they were unable to. Several have either closed their doors or suspended operations until a time when they receive more funding.

Pam and I ARE VERY THANKFUL that we received a grant from "A Child Waits", Some foundations gear toward certain parent types, and some gear toward certain orphan types. This loving group of people help with adoptions of any type. That is special in and of itself.

For those of our readers who are looking for ways of helping in this orphan crisis around the world, but don't feel lead to adopt...GIVE. Give your money (that's the easiest thing), give of yourself to organizations like A Child Waits, help raise awareness in your community. There are many, many foundations out there that could use your help.
Thank you for your help in this world crisis.

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The Gang's Momma said...

Great post! We just re-applied for the final time under the allowances of the application fee to a larger grant organization. Waiting and praying for a favorable response this time! Pray with us, will you?!