Thursday, January 29, 2009


My beautiful husband remembered my birthday this year with the most precious gift for me. I had been looking all over on line for a different necklace that would mean something just to me- for our next adoption. WE found one- but it was in England and way out of our means! As I was looking about, I can across a new friend's site and she has the most wonderful hand made and designed jewelry. I loved almost every piece.

But the piece that came alive for me is the hands all over Africa. I love this- My guy had a special note engraved on the back too! As you can see, this is just a wonderful piece.

My children go me this beautiful piece for Christmas- I do have hope for Africa and for the rest of the world and the crisis that the world is in.

I just wanted to share this beautiful work that Tracy does. And to mention that her heart is so in adoptions. She is a new grandma to an adopted child from Ethiopia. If you are interested in seeing more of Tracy's work- her site is
Just hop over and visit her shop, tell her I sent you!!!
I am very thankful for everyone that is helping in this world crisis of orphans. I wish that I knew what more that I can do- As Mother Teresa wrote- a person can not change the whole world, but you can change the world one diaper at a time.
I am changing my world one child at a time.
Blessings, P