Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Six years ago we chose our son "D" from China. He was three years old when we brought him home so he has no memory of his birth home. Of course that's not unusual. He just knows what we tell him whenever he asks, or when the subject comes up in conversation. He knows that he had a beautiful mother who loved him so much that she felt that she would not be able to care for him as much as another parent (adoptive) could. You see, he was born with a cleft lip and pallet. This can be expensive to care for here in the US and nearly impossible to afford for the average family in China. "D" had lived in an orphanage from birth until he was over 3 years old. Our Lord brought this little angel (now a tiger cub) to us and He has been providing for us ever since.

Well, the other day "D" and "J", his little brother by 2 years, were being watched by a close friend of Pam's for the day. It was during the Christmas break and the girls were gone to Winterfest at Liberty University for the week. Anyway, Pam's friend happened by the room the boys were playing in and overheard a part of their conversation. What she heard stopped her in her tracks...

"D" was talking to "J"..."You're lucky, 'cause you had a mom and a dad before you came here and now you have another mom and a dad. That means you have two moms and two dads. I didn't have a mom and a dad before, just them. We have a great mom and dad."

THIS from a 9 year old! Pam's friend didn't go in or say anything to the boys about this. She just passed it on to Pam. Who then passed it on to me (through tears, of course).

Things like this gives us more strength and courage to go on and it provides yet another answer for that oft asked question...Are you crazy?!?!

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