Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to school....

After our Christmas break, the kids are now back to school. And love it!!! OK, all of them but one just love going to school. One of ours is just bored in school, is still doing review (he says) from last year. As he is making straight A's- I am not sure what to think, about this review thing I mean. I think the kid is very bright. So, what do we do- I talked to the school again yesterday- and they are finally going to test him for the gifted program. This decision is after 5 visits to the school and lots of talking to see what to do. As this child is not a problem in class at all- they basically just want to leave it alone- meanwhile, I get every morning, I have a headache, my stomach hurts, I hate school, can I stay home???? Hopefully, we have an answer with this program. (I am at this point seriously thinking of homeschooling at least him)

Now, the rest of the kids, just love their classes, school even the bus! With the 3 newest members home now from Ethiopia we have started their shots. Yesterday, was shot day. They are all doing fine.

Justin is needing the most help with his English. The littler ones are really doing well. I am not sure what to do to help him more. I think sometimes our Father in Heaven looks at us (or maybe just me...) and says, I can help you- just let me. I have everything you need, just ask me. I want to help, be your father/mother-just let me. this year I am letting God my father help me more.

We continue to pray daily for each of our kids. Thank you for your prayers, love and concern for us.

Blessings, Pamela Dawn

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Aus said...

Morning - no problem on the prayers - that's what God is for! Hope that the gifted program thing works for you guys - It's really important for kids to get challanged in school - it keeps them from getting bored etc. Home school is an option - but - there is a certain amount of social from school that counts too. Regardless - I'm sure that you'll make the best decision for your guys!

hugs - aus and co.