Sunday, March 15, 2009

Closer & Closer, Day-by-Day

Friday we received an e-mail from CWA telling us that the 3-2-B ours were being moved from their orphanage in Soddo to the foster home (Think group home) in Addis Ababa. Normally this wouldn't happen until right before the court date, but the orphanage needed more room. This will be good for the kids because it's quieter, smaller, and they get a little bit more adult attention there. This should help their psyche's as well because it will make them feel closer to leaving.

Prayer needs...Recently the State Department held a meeting with the adoption agencies working in Ethiopia and gave out some new guidelines (rules). One was that the Embassy appointment dates will be every other week instead of every week, so that will slow up the processes some. Please pray that the timing of our appointment won't be delayed too long.

Another change came from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). All children will be retested for diseases following their court appointments. The major concern was for HIV (of course)Hepatitis A, and TB. If a child tests positive for TB (even if it's non active/latent- a common occurrence), they will have to be treated in Ethiopia before they leave the country. This is a minimum 6 month treatment. Please pray that all 3 test negative again on everything.

We were planning on taking our oldest daughter to Ethiopia with us (built in interpreter), but we're having a problem getting her American passport. We hadn't re-adopted our last three children yet so we don't have an American birth certificate. Please pray that there's some other way to get this done.


  • We received a grant from an charitable foundation in CA (Thank you again to them).
  • I have two job interviews this week. One in Norfolk VA, and one in Herndon VA (DC Metro area). The job in DC is a Federal job; that one I want more, for obvious reasons.
  • Pam has a friend she's known for 30 some years, she and her husband are coming down from upper Pennsylvania to visit us for a week in April
  • Pam has another friend she's known since high school, she and her husband are traveling from Oregon to DC for vacation in June and we might be able to go see them.

Well, I gotta get to church. PRAISE THE LORD!


Irma said...

Praise Him, and add my prayers to your own.

Chloe said...

I'm confused as to why you are having problems getting a passport. My children were not re-adopted and I had no problem, all you need is your COC. If you could be more specific about your problem I might be able to help, I am an attorney. Best wishes~

Pamela Dawn said...

Hi Chloe,
I have looked thru all of our paperwork for the kids and I do nto see a paper that says "certificate of Citizenship"- I gave the passport office all of the paperwork that I got at the time of the adoption- So, we (Juan and I ) just assume that we needed to re-adopt. (that is one of the options on this form letter that we got-- ) I am going to call CWA and see if I am missing the boat someplace??? The bottom line is I am not sure what this form that I need looks like. Leah is praying to be able to go- If you can hlep in any way- please let me know- and our email address is on the side bar of the blog- please email me. Thank you-- blessings- Pam