Monday, February 9, 2009

Introducing my New Baby Dolls

I'd like to introduce my newest Ethiopian, African Baby doll, Lea.

I had a lot of fun designing her and making her.

She is wearing a sleeper set and diaper.

Lea is 15 in tall and has set pig tails with bows.

She is $30.00 and $6 to ship. I am currently taking orders for her
. ;)

Lea has beautiful eyes and smile. She is a very sweet baby.

Marian is a new African baby doll. She is 15 inches tall.

She is wearing a diaper set.

This little baby doll is $25.00 and $6 to ship. I am currently taking orders for her too.

Marian is a sweet little doll.

She also comes with a blanket to match her diaper set.

I really enjoy making the dolls. And it is a lot of fun designing a new doll, and doll clothes.

WE are hoping to travel to Ethiopia in May to bring our "babies" home, and need need to raise our traveling funds. Check out my Etsy doll shop!!

Blessings, Pam


Rick Lawrenson said...

You are really talented!

blessedmomto7 said...

Pure beautifulness! Please pray with us as I feel the calling to go to Ethiopia for 2 children-still waiting for God to 100% convince my hubby :) The beauty of your children brings tears to my eyes!

Nancy said...

Pam...they are beautiful!

Holly said...

Too cute! I really like the dolls!