Friday, February 13, 2009

How Big is Your God

Three days ago my husband called and asked me, "How big is your God?" My answer then and now is, "I serve a BIG glorious and only God." Juan and I are facing some deep waters ahead in our lives. The company Juan works for has been downsizing over the past few months. Juan will be out of a job in the next few weeks, barring any miracles. We still have 4 kids and 3 more on the way.

How big is my God? When times are going OK, it's an easy answer; but what about when I am faced with the real trials of life? I am standing, trusting, and believing that my God can handle anything. He is not a god standing off somewhere unconcerned, nor is He surprised by any of it.

Sometimes, we can not see God and not see what He is doing. Does this mean he's not there? On my way to work every morning, I come up a hill and at the top I see out over the vast Atlantic Ocean. In the winter mornings it is too dark to see this. Does that make the ocean not there? No, I just have to wait until the Spring and Summer. God is ALWAYS there, I just have to hold on.



Rick Lawrenson said...

Good thoughts, Pam. I'm praying for something good to come through this and hoping God's timing is soon.

Brenda said...

Those of us who love you and your remarkable family are standing with you during this time of transition. We will pray for clear direction for you and Juan. And we will look forward to the arrival of Justin, Gavin and Zoe. God bless...

Nancy said...

Oh, Pam!

Been there, done that! And I IMMEDIATELY thought "Hm...well, maybe now Juan will be able to travel with Pam to get the kids!" I guess I must be the "look for the silver lining" sort of person, hm? :) Will be praying for you, and of course for God's sovereign will!


Irma said...

As we have already discussed, His ways can be frustrating to us "mere mortals" who do not have the ability to understand His true plan. But I know you and Juan will stay true to the path He has put in front of you,and soon this will all make sense, soon your constant faith will be rewarded with treasures beyond measure: the children He had chosen to bless you with.