Saturday, October 11, 2008

Whew! I'm back!

Wow! It's been a long time.

I finally finished the budget (mostly), the end of month is done (mostly). I have to say mostly because there's always someone out there with something to change after you think you're done. I'm down about 20 hours of sleep. Have you ever noticed how long it takes to regain your strength after losing a lot of sleep? Tuesday I went to work and it was to be a very busy day because I had a conference call with corporate headquarters. I find out that I've screwed up something on one of the spreadsheets. Something that was very key, and of course, the most time consuming to correct. I ended up working until 4:45 the next MORNING fixing it! I drove home, caught a 45min nap, showered, shaved and was back to work by 8:00. Pam was obviously very upset that I worked all that time and then worked full day that day as well. Sometimes, working for publicly held companies are not all what they're cracked up to be.

When budget season comes in, she ends up doing all of the running around for the kids and sometimes only sees me for a couple of hours a day. Being in management means not ever having a good time to take off. There is always something. You basically have to try to find where it will do the least amount of damage and anger the least number of people...then just suffer the consequences of daring to ever take a day off.

Last Saturday our oldest daughter at home started her second attempt to pass the Drivers Ed class. It's a tough class on its own, and she has her limited English skills to pile on top of it. There are kids in her class taking it for the 3rd and 4th time! The school doesn't make it easy, which all of the parents are glad of, but someone has to keep driving her to and from school for the classes.

The middle daughter is still doing soccer. The team is made up of 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. Her team has been undefeated for years now. There was one season where only one school ever scored once on them. Since she's in the 7th grade, she doesn't get to play as much as she would like, but she's gaining skills during the practices.

The boys are still doing gymnastics classes and enjoying it. We let them all try something new to see if they'd like it full time. D seems to like it more.

Our adoption agency mailed our dossier off to Ethiopia this week!!!!!!! Now it's just waiting, waiting, waiting.

Well, this was just a quick update. I'll write on the European trip in a bit (maybe even today, after a nap)

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