Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last step for us in the Adoption

Yesterday we drove to Raleigh-Durham's INS office to be finger printed. A four hour trip each way. We were in and out in about 12 minutes!!!

That is the very last thing for us to do. Now it's the waiting time. Wait and wait and wait. Waiting and working toward something is not so hard; but just waiting is hard.

If you want to pray for something, pray with us that we can get a December court date. Our wish and prayer is to be able to travel and bring them home for Christmas. Can you imagine what kind of Christmas that would be? It would be great too because they could enjoy some down time with the other kids at home during Christmas break.

Please continue to pray with us for financial resources. We're still hoping for adoption grants and/or loans and haven't gotten anywhere yet.

Continue to pray for orphans and widows around the world. Pick a specific country or city and pray for all those that work with and for them.

As the economy continues to drag and struggle, please pray for those without jobs or who own small businesses that are struggling.



The Gang's All Here! said...

Aaaah, the waiting game. Love your outlook here - to pray and think of others while you wait.

Still getting the clothes together. Have to bring them to post office when I have someone home to help with boxes AND the baby :) Not the easy task I thought it'd be, with school and homework and naps. But it's coming . . .

Irma said...

It never even occurred to me that maybe the kids could be home before Christmas. Expect double prayers from me!