Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opportunity to excel

Remember the post when I said that I have to remember being a kid in order to be a good parent? I remember being a kid and throwing things is part of being a boy kid. Throw something, throw it high, throw it far, throw it fast, throw! It's David in us I guess.

Well, today Jaden was trying to throw a strap up into a tree. It was a cargo strap, with a heavy metal "S" hook on one end. The tree is in the front yard. Well, up went the strap, but not toward the tree, it went over the house and on to the windshield of Mom's car!

I came home and the boys were all sitting quietly on the floor in the family room. Curious. When I asked what was going on, Mom just told me to go out and look at the car.

This is what I came home to:
(The dusty dirt is actually pollen just one day after rinsing... welcome Spring!)
Jaden gets a lesson in economics. I'll take it to be fixed tomorrow. Needless to say, Moms don't normally get the boy need for throwing things, but she's forgiving (as long as I get this fixed soon).

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Aus said...

Ouch - but ya know - that's one thing I like about being an older parent (or at least havig 25+ years of parenting experience) - It sucks to have to pay to fix it - but it's done and not worth angst about! (I'll tell you my painting on the carpet story sometime too!) Besides - there's no further lesson necessary - the boy already KNOWS what went wrong and I'll bet the behavior doesn't repeat!

hugs - aus and co.