Thursday, April 22, 2010


We agreed to do this story for the Virginian Pilot several months ago, actually before we realized the extent of any issues with our son. As we spent 3 days with the reporter, I asked her not to make our son's issue the main point of the story since it is NOT the main point of our everyday lives. (I guess that part of our story is what sells newspapers, not a story about God's love in our family)

In talking to the reporter after seeing what was printed, she did say that the editor cut all of the story about Me, Juan andthe other 6 kids..... again, issues sell!

I am disappointed because we wanted the world to see a great adoption with lots of kids and for the most part life working well--

Please take my word- we are an everyday, run-of-the-mill adoptive family with all of the ups and downs that go alone with it. What we wanted to see in the story, was the strength we draw from each other, the closeness we've developed over the years, the hurdles we've crossed so far and the faith we have that our Lord will get us over the hurdles we well come to in the future. There are many, many families out there with similar circumstances, but not all have been able to see their blessings yet.

Please continue to pray for any adoptive family that your know. They need strength, faith, peace, wisdom, and joy.

Blessings, Pam


Mamita J said...

I am so sorry that the paper did that. It is unfair to your son and orphans everywhere when papers and tv make adoption seem shady.

It makes me more aware of how they might twist my words if I am ever interviewed in the future.

I am sorry your son had this terrible confusion. I hope he becomes more and more secure in his new family.

God bless you.


Rick Lawrenson said...

I had to also learn the hard way about reporters. My words were twisted and I was misquoted on TV, putting words into my mouth that I never said.

I still have a hard time watching that particular reporter.