Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A sign of maturity

Tonight Pam and I were up in our bedroom when our 10 year son, "D" came in the room. "Mom, I did something stupid." I turned around and I saw his face, red and covered in tears. Then I saw that he was holding his right thumb in his left hand and blood was all over the place. So we rushed him in the the bathroom and started rushing water over it to see what the extent of the damage was. "It was really stupid, I'm sorry" He was crying out of both physical and emotional pain.

So I took the soft approach, "What happened big guy?"

"I was looking in the trash can to see if I accidentally threw away my notebook and I shot myself with a needle?" This was very curious, because I see blood coming from the pad of his thumb and through a hole in the middle of the nail.

"A needle? How'd you get a needle into your thumb like this?" At the same time, I wrapped him in a hug so assure him that everything was going to be alright.

"I was stupid and shouldn't have bothered it." So "D", Mom and Dad head downstairs to get some ice on it before it started swelling.

"Hey, mistakes happen 'D', don't worry. It's going to be alright." We went and looked in the trash can that he indicated and found a spent Epi-Pin. I had thrown it out because it expired a few months ago. It was my fault, I should have disposed of the thing outside in trashcan. It's a spring loaded hypodermic needle we have because "D" is allergic to bees and red ants. Thankfully, we've not had to use it before. Unfortunately, "D" didn't know that the needle was so long, so he thought he'd just push the trigger and see if it would hurt. Yup, it hurts! The spring was so strong, the needle went completely through his thumb, apparently just missing the bone.

The neat thing was watching how mature he was during the process. He admitted his mistake, told the truth, and sought help before letting things possibly get out of hand.

It made me proud.


Aus said...

WOW - I see the makings of a fine young man here...and maybe the result of some parents that have their game on too! Glad it wasn't more serious - call it a 'life lesson' or 'learning event'! (Smart kid too - curious and wonderning what if - use that to his best advantage!)

hugs - aus and co.

Mamita J said...

My oldest did the same thing with his little brother's epi-pen back when he was about 7. Only we were in church. It punches out a lot faster than you think. It went through his thumb just below the nail. OUCH!

Sorry for your little man's injury, but I am glad that he confessed and realized the error of his ways.


The Gang's Momma said...

Oh my word. My son discharged one into the top of his thumb several years back and it made his thumb swell and turn white from the constriction of blood. ER visit and several other injections to counteract the epinephrine were necessary. And he still has some minor numbness on the spot of the injection. Likely permanent damage they say. Your son is VERY blessed that it wasn't so serious. And VERY mature to come to you right away with the 'fess up. Great job!