Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daddy's Home

I drove to Charlotte NC to see our son who is in the hospital for a few days for observation. "C" is an active duty US Marine, who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Because of his experiences, he struggles on and off with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately, this is not like the flu or any other disease. The symptoms are different for each person, the timing of issues are unpredictable, and the reactions to stresses can sometimes be extreme. Therefore, the treatments are not always successful or at least not long lasting or permanent.

I felt that I just needed to be there for him to assure him of our love, and the Lord's love. Our visits went extremely well and I expect to hear from him midweek when he goes home.

Thank you for all of your prayers for me, our son and our family.

B-T-W, Charlotte was beautiful, and the weather was fantastic.


Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3 said...

My husband also suffers for PTSD, And I kno first hand how hard it can be. He served 15 months over in Iraq also. Me, MYself suffers from PTSD for a completely different reason.

Saying prayers for you & your family

Aus said...

Prayers are the least we can offer - and next time you speak with your son - please offer him our thanks! While I'm at it - thanks to you family too - service to our country is not only provided by the men and women in uniform!

hugs - aus and co.