Saturday, November 14, 2009

Please PRAY

Please Pray

Juan is on the road to Charlotte, NC. It is about a 7 hour drive from us. Please pray for his adult son. At this point, "C" is in the hospital there and we are not sure of all of the details- just know that Juan needs to be with his son.

The kids and I are home, and have started the clean-up. The whole first floor of the house was under about 5 inches of water- the water has gone down, but left ed a mess and smelly wet carpet! We got a wet-vac last night. Helpful but not the end-all!

We are not sure how long daddy will be gone- And we are in prayer for "C".

Blessings, Pam


Jeanna said...

Pam, I am in prayer for Juan's son and Juan's safe travels. Sorry to hear about your house. When our downstairs flooded from a previous storm we used industrial size fans (borrowed from a builder) to dry the carpet out after we vaccummed as much water out as we could. It seemed to work and we never had a mildew problem down there.

Brenda said...

We are praying for C., and for Juan's safety as he travels. Please let us know what happens. We love you all.

Roxanna said...

Would you know which hospital he is staying at so that I could send him a card?

Irma said...

So much thought and prayer directed to you and yours; I pray that Juan will travel safely and that, upon his arrival, C will laugh and say, "Dad, you didn't need to come..." and that he will be right.

I pray that you at home will have some peace, that your young children will be a help to you as you clean up from the flood, and that their love for their parents will give you strength.

And I pray that your sense of humour endures!