Sunday, October 18, 2009

I believe we've found a church

I believe we've found a church home. New Life Providence in Virginia Beach is a rather large charismatic church. The thing that makes it a good church, is what I heard the pastor say today. He said they have three core values - Prayer, Worship, and the Word of God. Everything else secondary. They have lots of small groups available; Pam and I will have to start trying them out. They have a strong youth ministry and missionary ministry.

Another inviting thing is they strive to be a multi-ethnic church. It reminds me of the church home we had in Charlotte. A memorable experience we had first going in is that no one seem to recognize us as visitors. I know some would find that as offensive, but when we walk our whole tribe into a church, we tend to be the only Black people or at least we stick out because we've increased their black population exponentially. This church has people from many different ethnic backgrounds, so we don't stick out except there are a bunch of us. My kids (especially the girls) like that.

Now we'll have to find a ministry to plug into. Keep praying.

While you're praying, please pray for our finances or at least for patience and wisdom on my part. I tend to worry about that and I know that it doesn't please God for me to worry about anything.


Rebecca Meyers said...

We miss you ALL! But are so happy that you've found a church home. Will keep praying for you guys. Come visit soon.

Irma said...

Constant prayers to you and yours.

Ypu did make me laugh, though, talking about someitmes being the only black family....that sounds waaaay easier to explain than being the Black White Chinese family!