Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some struggles:


Our oldest son "J" is so immature for an 11 year old. Now, granted he's a boy and boys mature slower than girls, but he's really struggling. Our mantra lately has been - THINK! Think before you act. We're continually having to tell him to be careful around the little ones. After so many years of running the streets and playing with other street kids, being careful around younger ones does not come naturally. At times he does try, and I have to keep playing those times over in my head to remind me not to lose it.

Our youngest son "D" is struggling so much with the language. Where his sister is putting together 5-10 words for a sentence, he still struggles coming up with 1 word sentences in response to questions. His older brother is struggling, but he will come up with 3-4 words together, and sometimes more when he's on a roll. "D" is working on his whining. The Johnson family doesn't much tolerate whiners and tattle-tails. He's gotten to where he doesn't do it around the parents unless he's being reprimanded for something.

Our youngest daughter has begun to distance herself from us (the parents) some. I'm not sure if it's a matter of she thought she needed to be extra jovial to begin with and now she's calmed down or she is exhibiting a delayed symptoms of mild attachment disorder. We'll keep watching and praying.

We've been home with the kids a little over a month and we're moving out of town (not far, but far enough to have to change churches, doctors, schools, etc). STRESS!!! This is especially stressful for Pam. She'd been trying to transition her position at work for a replacement, but that person didn't work out. So now she's prayerfully considering taking on a flexible way of working it partly at home on a lap top and driving back a couple times a week. All that while trying to figure out packing, changing utilities, preparing to visit the new schools for the 3 newest recruits.

Prayer needs - Wisdom, Strength, Family Unity, Tenderheartedness, (and as much as I hate to say this) Patience.


KT said...

Surely praying, you sure have your hands full. But, you all are great parents! Hang in there!

Brenda said...

As long as you don't have to change your friends, I'll be happy! We love you guys.