Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whew, It's Saturday!

We were only a few hours away from getting on the road to Maryland when our daughter called to tell us our one year old grandson had the chicken pox! So we postponed the trip for later. He got his vaccination for chicken pox and ends up contracting it. We're praying that it will be a very light case of it; I can't begin to imagine how the poor baby is dealing with that right now. Since we didn't go to MD, I thought I'd do some writing.

I had to go into work this morning for a few hours to help out a department what was short handed. Pam has spent the day working on her dolls. When I watch her I'm amazed at how much intricate work goes into making those small little tunics and pants. Then she spends a couple of hours on each doll putting in the yarn hair. As you can see from the pictures, she is very talented. I can barely tie a bow without making a mess of it.

AJ is the crafty one of the kids. She's tried her hand at crocheting, knitting, basket weaving, painting, and loves puzzles. She is an interesting character. AJ is our most competitive and athletic. We laugh when we tell people that you shouldn't challenge her to anything you aren't willing to lose at, because if she can figure it out, she will beat you at it. She'll do whatever it takes to learn the skill (even academics) if she feels that there is someone to compete against. AJ arrived in the US the month school started, knowing around 20 words in English. By the end of the school year, she completed her 5th grade End of Course exams and passed them! Just barely, mind you, but passed them none-the-less! And this was done with no help. All because she felt that she was competing against all the other kids in her class. But then she loves to paint her nails, style her hair, and try new clothing fashions & color combinations. She can't wait to wear make-up and loves to talk on the phone with her friends. A tom-boy in pink!

LJ is the little princess. She's soft spoken, shy and reserved. She always wants her hair just right. She's still learning about American fashions, but she loves to clothes shop and LOVES shoes! This summer she got her first job working outside the home and she loves the money part the best(of course). She's a typical teenager, with money burning a hole in her pocket that we have to keep throwing cold water on. She's a bit apprehensive about starting high school, as all freshman are. I call her Baby, and everyone at home knows who I'm calling when I just call up the stairs "BABY!" It reminds me of Dirty Dancing, and what's so funny is I thought that was the stupidest thing about the whole show.

DJ and JJ are both all boy. They love swimming, riding bikes, catching crabs and jellyfish in the sound and shopping at the dollar stores. They're noisy, boisterous, clumsy and love the laugh. They're Mamma's boys right now. They're good with each other and are good friends. DJ is the more academic of the two and loves to write. I hope that will come to some fruition in his future. JJ is still coming into his own, a little at a time.

Yada, yada, yada! a doting father and a writing medium, dangerous combo!


Della said...

Yada yada nothing! Don't stop being a doting father and writing as you do!
I just started reading your blog after redirecting from CF husband's blog and I am deeply moved by your story and your writing. You are all in my prayers. May God bless and keep and guide you!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I came recently from CF Husband, also and have enjoyed reading about your family.

About the chicken pox. Same thing happened to one of my guys. It was very mild and worked through his system quickly. Using baby tylenol helped with the fever/ itching part. It helped him get to sleep, which was a good thing for all of us! = )

Pastor Kurt and JoLynn said...

Got your blog from Heidi W. We have prayed for your new three children since August of last year when we were led to our son on the same photo list. How precious they are and how thrilled we are that they have found a loving home! Would love to keep up with them and see your journey unfold.

Pastor Kurt and JoLynn Coleman

Irma said...

I am enjoying listening to you brag up your kids, don't stop! What a beautiful, challenging world you live in, balancing grown kids and grandbabies, with current kids, with kids yet to be, with the jobs you have to keep in order to provide for your brood.

My husband and I have six kids between us, ranging in age from 12 to 35, and two grand daughters...and I am only 38! I know what a goergeous circus the whole thing can be...and here you go, inviting more children to the party. God bless you both for your compassionate hearts, and bless your children as they prepare to help their new siblings face a confusing transition.

Irma said...

Unrelated, but I just tried to donate to the fund to bring your new three home...and your system doesn't seem to want to accept donations from Canada????

MilePost13 said...

great to see you blogging more often!!! Keep it up!

Nikki said...

I saw your family's blog posted on CF Husband and thought I would pop in and say hi! I am going to Ethiopia this february for two weeks on a mission trip and am SO excited!! Your kids are beautiful!