Thursday, August 7, 2008

Extended Family

My younger sister, Tammy, her husband, Al and three of their five children came to visit us for a couple of days. It was so nice to see them. Tammy & Al live in Maryland outside of DC, so this place was obviously a break in pace for them. Unfortunately because Pam and I both work in the vacation rental managment business (we work for competing companies) we couldn't take off from work. But they had the whole day to themselves and were kind enough to take 3 of mine along with them as they did the beach life things. The first night after dinner we all rode down to a go-cart place and had a blast! Last night I brought home 4 flavors of ice-cream and we sat around talking and watching So You Think You Can Dance? (I still think Will should have been in the top 4 - but that's me). Yes I watch reality TV some, but admit America is getting WAY too many reality shows on.

It's unfortunate but we live quite a distance from all our extended family. Tammy is actually the closest to us...5 hours. My parents are in GA, and Pam's parents have both passed on. I have another sister (with family) and our daughter (with family) in Maryland. Pam's sister lives in Florida and her brother is in southern SC. So my kids will grow up knowing their church family much more than they will their family, family. Of course, some would say, well you need to move closer to family. Are you kidding me? We live on the beach, I ain't movin! LOL Our house is always open for visitors. :o)

Tammy and Al left for home this morning. We're going up to Maryland this weekend to go to our grandson, Riley's first birthday party. Next weekend we have old friends from Charlotte visiting (not that they're old, but our friendship is). We also have our social worker coming in to visit for the adoption. Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Have a great and blessed day.


Cindy said...

Can't blame you for wanting to stay at the beach--have to say, I have ALWAYS wanted to try living at the beach..I just don't have the guts to try it right now..especially since my immediate family lives so close to us. . . so glad you are enjoying your family being with you..have a safe trip.

walkingbyfaith said...

Dropping by from Nate's blog.

I love your story and will definitely be praying for patience and strength for your family as you go through the adoption process again.

May God bless you for loving these children and providing a wonderful life for them!

Lora Md. said...

I just read about your blog on Nate and Trisha's blog. Your children are beautiful !!! I wish you all the very best and may the Lord provide His will on your new adventure with adding to your family !!
How awesome and kind hearted you are !! If only more had the patience, and the love to be able to provide for young children and give them a chance to have a love filled life !!
Grace and Peace to you and your family !! LW

Charley & Jessica said...

I know what you mean about living far from extended family.. I really don't like living so far from my sister. But my husband wouldn't leave Alaska any more than you would the beach!! haha

You guys remain in our prayers. your family is beautiful!

Irma said...

"Family" is simply the people you love. (As an adoptive parent,you obviously know that!) So while it may seem sad that your kids know their church family more than their "real" family, at least they are surrounded by people who care about them.