Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Quess With a Big Family there is Always CAKE!

Our son turned into a teenager yesterday!-- JJ is 13! - He is so cute too. He is on his way to a soccer game. His love.

November brings birthdays- JJ yesterday, Ana and Davis share a birthday on the 29th (and they share that with my sister too) Heather's birthday was in November too- the 18th, that day will be hard for me. November is a busy month.


Aus said...

Well then a Happy Birthday to all ya'll!!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam, let me know if you would like to do lunch on the 18th, Id love to be there for you. If you want that day more private, lets plan lunch another day! Thinking of you all and miss you guys! We are back in town, so we gotta get together! --KT

Pamela Dawn said...

Hey KT--I am so glad that you are back!! YES lunch on the 18th would be great--very helpful- can you call me? I have a new phone and have lost all my numbers-(saved to the phone instead of the sim card.Thanks-I cannot wait to see you!!! Lov Pam

Mrs. Madsen said...

I loved working with Analyse last year, and I am enjoying working with Justin this year. He walked into my room today singing, "We are the champions, we are the champions", with a big smile on his face - as always. He always brightens my day. He also said he is having another birthday next week (nice try for another Snickers bar!). May God continue to bless your family.