Friday, December 11, 2009

Ups and Downs

This week sure has had it's share of ups and downs!

Up: Yea! I was able to drive back down to the beach and share "Christmas Brunch" with my old small group Bible study group. Oh, it was so sweet to be able to be back and to share with them. It was a wonderful time in the Word and with Great food! Thank you ladies for including me. I was very honored to be there.

Down: ugh-- I lost my job this week. Last Sept, my job went down to part time (2 hours a day, on the computer from home-- that was so good for us-- ) Well, down sizing and budget cuts-- you all know the stories... This little job had been buying the food for the family- Juan's new job, was a very large pay cut from the last job. We are so thankful that he has a job!
I know that the Lord is not surprised by any of this, and I know that He is and will take care of us. Just not great timing for the lose....

Up: Yea! Justin's ESL teacher completed a large project on teaching English to Ethiopian children. And she was interviewed for the newspaper here in our city. The Reporter wanted to meet her Ethiopian student, so Justin was interviewed also! He was so excited!-- Really great to see him be so positive!- From this, the reporter would like to do a story on the whole family-- Will let you know if that comes about!!

Down: ugh... Joey has a condition that produces sores in his mouth, (mostly from stress, but also from his retainer, biting his mouth, a hard piece of chips, ) The sores become large and sometimes infected. We are all learning how to prevent the sores and how to help Joey live with them... poor little guy- ;(

Up: Yea! This is our first Christmas as 9 of us! The 3 new little ones are so excited! It is Great to watch! All of the kids are looking for ways to make gifts and things to do to help us as parents out. As each different Christmas decoration goes up-- they LOVE it! All of the kids had so much fun decorating the tree.

Down: ugh.....this year there will not be as many boxes under the tree.

Up: YEA! We are having our first true Ethiopian Christmas on Sunday. We have invited some DEAR dear friends to join us! The girls are cooking a FULL Ethiopian Christmas dinner. ALL of the kids can't wait- The injeria and dorawat is on all of their minds! Our kids did not have gifts and toys in Ethiopia, their Christmas day- they were excited to be able to buy a little extra chicken to have a chicken stew. We had a practice run a few weeks ago making the injeria-- It was wonderful!

Down: ugh...can't think of any other downs! That is great!!

Up: YEA!- We know that our Lord is in control. He loves us very MUCH and He is taking care of us. We have been so blessed to have these children in our home.

Thank you all for your prayers and love! Blessings to you


Aus said...

And prayers will continue! And more ups than downs - and the ups get larger font than the downs - hummm - the 'profiler' part of me sees something are a survivor and always look for the good in (and that's really pronounced kkkeeewwwlll!)

hugs - enjoy your Christmas celebrations!

aus and co.

Irma said...

Have once AGAIN been without access to internet these last few weeks, long story, but SOOOOO glad to be able to get back to the blog and gorge myself on SEVERAL entries!

My mouth was literally watering, thinking about an Ethiopian feast. If (whoops, I meant WHEN) I ever make it down your way, you must ask the girls to cook for me....yum!

The Gang's Momma! said...

I'm stuck on the sores thing: I've struggled with canker sores all my life. Have you tried regular doses of plain, active culture yogurt? Or lyseine? Both of those, plus a high fiber diet, have been very helpful for me. Also limiting citrus, caffeine, sugar, chocolate and nuts is key. Those all have high acid effects on the lining of the mouth. I'll think about what else I try and if you are interested you can email me.