Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

This has been a Christmas season with such mixed times and feelings. It has and IS so much fun watching the kids with their first Christmas!- And the little ones with all of their Christmas tree ornaments that they made in school- such fun to see them hanging them up and so proud of them... This is their first Christmas tree, first year with gifts. (we are having a lot of "I wants.." ) Tonight will be some of the kids first Christmas Eve service. Joey is an old hand at this now!! He has put together so many little gifts this year- I am so proud of him, I think that the Lord has really gotten his heart. This is what we want as parents. L, A, and J are having fun this year too. The girls has a special Ethiopian Christmas. They both love to be in the kitchen. They made a bunch of Christmas cookies the other day. With 7 kids- the cookies go fast!
We will post pictures tomorrow!
Thank you all for your continued prayer and love for our family
Pamela Dawn


Aus said...

Merry Christmas right back to you guys! Thanks for sharing your lives with us - and for being the kind of folks we are happy to call friends!

Great joy to all you guys this Season - and hugs -

aus and co.

Irma said...

My dear friends, what a holy and exultant day Christmas must have been for you, with ALL of your little ones finally home. I think of you every day....