Saturday, August 8, 2009



Friday- yea, Daddy coming home tonight-
We had a full morning, 7 kids, one mom in our 12 passenger van. Off, we went on a ton of stops- One store for a few school things, and one store for a few food things-- (thankfully just a few bags)
Then off to find our first park in our new city. We found the park, and off the kids went to explore and to play on the swings and slides. I opened the windows and started a book...
About 45 minutes later, the kids came running back- everyone getting hungry.- So, I tried to start the van, Oh No, it didn't start- Oh Lord, what do I do? All 7 kids more thank 5 miles from our house?
ANGELS??!!-- A beautiful lady was in the car next to the van. And as I was trying to start the van, she was coming around the side of the van.
When I saw her I had the window down, and she said- " The Lord told me to give you this to buy lunch for the kids- they are so cute....
" Oh thank you God, You are in control and You are here...
I jumped out of the van, and asked her to pray with me for the van to just start- (wouldn't that be neat??!!)
Well, it didn't start- but this wonderful angel, sent from God, put the kids in her car and off we went home-
She and I had a wonderful time of fellowship. God had this time all planned out for us-
We don't know anyone in this city yet to even call for help-
But God knows and God cares.
My wonderful husband got home and off we went to jump the van- And today got a new battery and the van is just fine now.
The Lord is teaching me He is in control and He is taking care of me and my kids...;)
I am listening to HIm! I love you Lord--
Blessings, Pam


Anonymous said...

What wonderful encouragement!! I am blessed and encouraged by the reminder of God's provision and love! ~Della

Irma said...

This gave me shivers and a big silly grin. What an amazing Father we have!

givinittogod247 said...

wow! God is always in control :)

Sewconsult said...

Angels come in all forms! It also feels good to be someone else's angel in a time of need.