Sunday, August 2, 2009

The 10 commandments

This is just a thought. Our pastor at Nags Head Church has been doing an extended series on the life of Moses. He has started on when the LORD God gave to Moses, to give to the people, "The Ten Commandments". Of course volumes upon volumes of material has been written and will be written on the commandments and The Law. What I gather is that The Law provides us two things. One is a set of guide lines like those on the highway. They keep us from running into each other on the road and from running off the road. The other is to show us that we're not perfect and God is.

No matter how many lessons/sermons I hear on The Ten Commandments, I will always hear something new and awe inspiring. But no matter how many lessons/sermons I hear, I always remember the one that said - One of the reasons God gave us these laws was because He loves us and wanted the best in life for us. Just like parents give rules/laws to their kids for their own good, God did the same for us. The one thing I remember is when the speaker said something like this; Imagine what life would be like if everyone were to actually follow these laws (we realize that our flesh keeps us from doing it, so our imagination has a difficult time with it, but try to follow along anyway).

Imagine, if we didn't lie to each other - Ever! We could trust every one. Of course we wouldn't need lawyers, written contracts, judges, courts, and the divorce rate would plummet. Imagine if we didn't steal from each other - Ever! No police, lawyers, judges, fights, courts, jails. Imagine if we didn't murder each other - Ever! No military, wars, terrorists, police, lawyers, judges, courts, jails. Imagine if we were all virgins at our weddings and never stepped out of our marriage vows - Ever! No babies born out of wed-lock, no STD's, no lawyers, judges, no step people, divorce rates and abortions would go way down. Imagine if we loved and honored our parents - Always! No "disfunctional families", no nursing homes, we'd have great family unions and not need reunions. Imagine if we didn't envy what our neighbors had - Ever! The Joneses would just be neighbors and not the ones driving us to work ourselves to distraction and destruction.

Now imagine if we all loved the Lord God with all our hearts, minds and souls - Forever! I can't begin to imagine what life would be like on this earth.

It doesn't take a PhD in theology to see how great life would be...does it?

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