Saturday, January 21, 2012

Small Group

Pam and I will be facilitating a new "Small Group" from our church, Community Church of Chesapeake. We met last night for the very first time. We are a set of 4 families that all live within a mile or so of each other, so we share geographical closeness as a commonality. We all have children. Some are home-schooled, and some public.

We also hosted two missionary couples last night, because this weekend is missionary weekend at church. One couple participates in "church planting" in the inner city of Norfolk. The other couple is preparing to move to La Paz, Mexico to work at a youth outreach camp. Both couples were able to tell us about what they are doing and what their visions are for what they are doing.

The theme for this weekend at church is "How will they know...?" Our church is VERY mission focused; 30%+ of our church budget goes to mission work, both locally and abroad. Pam and I are very mission minded so, we feel this church is where we belong.

We'll try to keep updating about what's going on there.

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